Melee: Never stop learning

Introducing the latest member of the Mettle product family By Andy Soell
Thu, Apr 21, 2016
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Our work helping our clients build robust, blazing-fast software requires that we keep our skills diverse and on the cutting edge. To that end, we occasionally work on projects of our own to keep our skills sharp, and often we set those projects loose and spin them off as products of our own. In the past year we have released Silverly and Impact, and today we’re excited to announce our third Mettle product: Melee.

Never stop learning

Melee is a daily email subscription service that aims to help you learn something new in managable, bite-size steps. For our launch, we are releasing Melee with a single course designed to help its customers become familiar with the Czech language and culture by sending daily emails with a new Czech phrase. Each phrase comes with a pronunciation guide, examples for how the phrase is used, and each lesson builds on the skills learned from previous lessons. The lessons are structured in such a way that a student can progress from simply learning a few phrases that might be helpful if they are visiting the Czech Republic to slowly building their conversational skills, and as such it’s the perfect platform for both the casual user who is only visiting, to someone who might be moving to the Czech Republic and wants to get a leg-up on speaking the language.

The Czech Language subscription on Melee is only $5 each month—paid quarterly—and comes with a free 5 day trial so people can see if the Melee learning method works for them. We are planning on adding more email courses to the Melee catalog down the road, but we hope our initial Czech lesson offering will appeal to people who are eager to learn something new in a fun, easy-to-digest way.


Melee is a very simple bundling of several technologies; The website is a simple Node.js application, and payments are handled using Stripe’s Checkout flow. Subscriptions are tracked through MailChimp and daily emails are scheduled and delivered via their powerful Automations engine. Melee is a great example of the type of robust, full featured MVP-level product that can be build leveraging several existing Software as a Service solutions on the market today, and the whole product was build end-to-end in about a day.

If you or someone you know has an idea for a product and are looking for a technology partner, we would love to talk about how Mettle can take it from vision to reality.