What is Mettle?

It takes guts to set out on your own, to start down a road whose destination is unknown. Mettle is about taking the first step in the journey. By Andy Soell
Wed, Jul 1, 2015
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When I worked as a freelance web developer back in the early 2000’s, there was a common trait that all of my favorite clients had: They were the ones who had an idea, something they weren’t quite sure was possible, but something they felt in their gut was an idea worth pursuing. They were so sure of it, in fact, that they were willing to put their trust in a young web developer to help usher their dream into reality. I remember spending many long, tiring nights hunched over a computer trying to turn their dreams into realities. Some of my best memories of that period was getting that first email back after deploying an initial test version of a project and hearing how excited they were to see what they had only imagined come to life.

I’ve missed the excitement of partnering with these visionaries and helping make something that was only an idea into a reality—into a business. So that’s what I’m we’re doing.


Mettle is a brand new software agency specializing in building robust web and mobile applications. It’s essentially taking the freelance career I put on hold eight years ago to the next level. It’s going to be an exciting journey, and one I won’t be taking alone.

Mettle was born in early July after a conversation I had with a friend and fellow coworker at The Salt Mines, Rory Garand. We were discussing my unsure professional future, my restlessness with the direction of my career, and what might come next. He had actually given up his career as an electrical engineer the year before to pursue his own vision of a very specific web application. After spending a year learning the ins and outs of frontend application development using the AngularJS framework and building Silverly, he was unsure what exactly came next. After an hour or so of commiserating over the future, a thought came to both of us: “Why not team up?”

In the weeks following that conversation, everything fell into place in an amazing way. We reached out to a few people who were looking for a software partner and almost immediately our schedule was full. I don’t think either of us really knows what Mettle is going to look like in five years—or even five months—but as a starting point we’re working together to help businesses and organizations who want to make a difference in this world and need a hand bringing their ideas to fruition.

Here’s to the future, and having the guts to make it what you want it to be.

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." -Muhammad Ali